Upholstery Cleaning North Myrtle Beach

If you need upholstery cleaning in North Myrtle Beach, SC you can rely on us. Bring back the elegant beauty of your favorite upholstered furniture. See it well textured and colored once again and a compliment to your  taste. We clean a wide range of fabric upholstery from sofas to chairs to ottomans and more. Let us bring back the beauty and freshness of all your upholstered fabrics, bringing back its vibrant color. Pricing is contingent upon the piece of furniture and type of fabric.

Upholstery cleaningThe upholstery is misted with our citrus based dry cleaning fluid. We then wipe down the whole surface working the product into the fabric. We then use a mini extractor to take off dirt and body oils that are absorbed into the fabric. After that is done, we mist the fabric again and work the product into the fabric. This leaves a layer of protection to keep the fabric looking and smelling fresh and prevents re-soiling.

Whether it is an office a house or a ordinary apartment, there is bound to be furniture that needs cleaning. Do not let your sofas get dirty, just use our upholstery cleaning service in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Our professionals are experienced in working with any type of fabric, even the most delicate, so that your furniture remains as clean and nice looking as the day you bought it.

We use an anti-microbial product that does not cover up odors, but eliminates the cause. This is highly effective at treating odors caused by pet accidents. It is also highly effective in treating musky odors from excess moisture. The product is natural, not a dangerous chemical. The same goes for our citrus based dry cleaning fluid. It is safe for pets and children. Our upholstery cleaners  from North Myrtle Beach, SC are specially trained, and certified technicians who have expertise in many difficult-to-clean materials, including silk, duct cleaning, power washing, suede, ultra suede and velvet.